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Ethiopia - Ministry of Health should rescue "Holy Water" patients and admit them to Hospital!! - Eth

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http://www.ethiopianAtheists.comThe Title is not the opinion of the author of the video. We take full responsibility of the changing the title of the video. However we do not own the video. All copy right belongs to Anna Little.Below you will find her note about the video.I lived in Ethiopia for five years and was always fascinated by the widespread use of holy water. Over time I discovered that among the educated, the rich, the middle class, the poor - many people shared the same belief that physical and mental illnesses, the latter normally considered devil possession, could be effectively treated with holy water.For a week I lived in Father Gebremedhin's compound - taking the daily showerings - immersing myself in the community living around the secret site of the holy water - to try to determine what makes these people choose faith over modern medicine.Anna Little

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  • Adam Added Ohh plizzz... some ppl FAKE the whole thing... i have seen it b4... and the rest, well Y wouldnt a NORMAL human being Grunt and Shout when U pour shit load of ICE-COLD freezing water on a 6 oclock COLD morning... F**ing redicolus.
  • anonymous Added noone could expect etheists to blieve on God and its obvious that they do have no idea the secrecy and the divinity power behined the wholly water. your philosophy brings nothing the world but the wholly water which is full of God's power now a days brings a solution to HIV, cancer and other diseases that the world and even your science have failed to do so.