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  • "Meles to take rest but still in Charge" Bereket Simon

    10:17 Press conference ended. Thank you for following

    10: 17 - On the muslim demos that happened in ?#Ethiopia?, ?#Bereket? says "extremists are loosing ground" and therefore "try to instigate disturbances"

    10:13 - Q:"who is in charge?", Minister Bereket "#Meles is in charge."

    10:11 "The issue of steping down has not been raised" ?

    10:10 #Meles? ?#Zenawi? is "still in charge, although he has to take a brake", says ?#Bereket? 

    10:09 - Asked again, #Bereket refuses to elaborate on #Meles #Zenawi's disease, "all I can tell you is that it's not brain cancer!" 

    10: 02 #Bereket? keeps repeating that ?#Meles? ?#Zenawi? is "in good condition". Refuses to elaborate on disease, length of his absence, his location.

    9:59 #Bereket? blames the "overload of work because of the ambitious GTP" and "international conferences" to explain the absence of?#Meles? ?#Zenawi?