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  • Ethiopian maid arrested for beating and burning her employer

    BEIRUT: A 24-year-old Ethiopian domestic worker was arrested Thursday on charges of beating and burning her employer at her home in Mastita Jbeil, north of Beirut.

    The state-run National News Agency said police apprehended Dinkanash B. for hitting her employer, Samia, 75, in the head with a bronze statue, then pouring hot water on her face and chest, causing first-degree burns.

    The NNA reported Samia was taken to a local hospital in Jbeil and that police have launched an investigation into the attack. 

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  • It


    As far as the two major Christian holidays and the New Year are concerned, there are few traditions which are directly associated with each one.

    When one speaks of Christmas (Gena in Amharic) what automatically comes to mind is traditional Ethiopian Hockey commonly played around this season and the traditional bread, Diffo, baked especially for this holiday. To some extent, elders dub it the Diffo holiday. Similarly, the New Year holiday is time for new things and gifts. This is partly linked to the fact that it is the beginning of a new year, where schools will be opening after the two-month-long summer recess. So, it is time for new things and gifts for children. Easter is also a holiday most known for the traditional early morning (3:00 AM) feast where carefully prepared doro wet (chicken Stew,) only the finest delicacy in Ethiopia, is served with boiled egg. The taste of boiled egg dipped into the stew is one of distinctive features that the holiday is remembered by. Pictured above is an egg vendor from Shola open market checking an egg against the light to see if it is rotten or not.

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